Staging Overview

What if there were a skill that if mastered could increase the sale price of any home an average of 6-13%?

What if this skill set once mastered could reduce the days on the market for your listings by as much as 40%?

Would you want to own that skill set? Better still, would you want to market that skill set as a listing acquisition resource.

When you watch HGTV or SELL THIS HOUSE or THE APPRENTICE, the topic of “proper preparation” or Home Staging is the hottest buzz word in the industry. When you talk to builders and professional investors they pinpoint “proper preparation” or Home Staging as one of the most important skills to effect R.O.I.!

Perhaps your industry is being commoditized because consumers can’t identify any real DIFFERENTIATION from Realtor to Realtor. 

More and more sellers figure… 

“I can pay 6% and get no service or I can pay 4% and get no service,
What’s the difference? 
They all just stick in the MLS and wait for a buyer”. 

Gain your RESE Professional Staging Designation and upgrade the service you can offer your seller(s).

There is no better time than the present to increase sales prices, decrease days on the market and differentiate yourself and your brand.

Part 1

Understanding the importance of thoughtful preparation

Mission: To protect and enhance the equity position of our sellers by implementing  low or no cost property preparation strategies which have been proven to increase the sales price and reduce days a property will remain on the market.

By using unbiased proven procedures your RESE Professional can analyze each impression area of your property and make suggestions which are guaranteed to increase the sales price and reduce the days on the market.

Our FREE 8 page RESE Staging analysis allows the seller to see the property through the eyes of the buyer. A RESE Professional has the tools to enhance your properties sale price and reduce the days that your home will remain for sale on the market.

Every RESE Professional is equipped with the skills to properly prepare a home for the competitive marketplace. Today, market preparation is one of the most important steps to ensure retail sales price and the least amount of time on the market.

Allow your RESE Professional to suggest low and no cost decisions which will prepare your property to make a strong emotional connection with the widest cross section of today’s buyers. These are the strategies being employed by our nation’s most profitable builders, developers and property managers to get the highest possible price in the least amount of time.

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Part 2

Staging Overview

Part Two the next level  helps you go to the next level of  preparation to be in service to their valuable clientele!

Victoria Guillot, “The Stage Coach” teaches you what to do after the basics have been completed.

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Part 3

Marketing Materials


Staging Overview

We Focus on Marketing Yourself

Creating the Proper Context

Making Good Business Decisions with Your New Staging Designation

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